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Pensions Administrator - Essex
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I would like to recommend BranWell Ford, they were wonderful in helping me to secure my latest position.  They explained what was expected from the job, kept me informed throughout and even sat on the end of the phone giving me directions when I got lost on my interview.  I am very happy to have used the company.

Martine McKenzie

DB Pensions Administrator.

We gave a very short brief, imposed a confidentiality clause, rejected numerous candidates and still they delivered. All done with a smile. Many thanks! Truly a pleasure to deal with BranWell Ford.

Jon A Collins – Director Winterbourne Trustee Services Limited.

Salary Survey

To compile this information BWF has looked at current candidates and vacancies we are registering to work out the average for salary bandings.  Companies need to consider attracting candidates to their roles and financials are a major factor of the candidate’s decision making process. 

Benefits packages are becoming more sophisticated and transparent.  Individuals should expect as a minimum an annual graded bonus, protection, 23 days holiday and study support as a minimum.  We are seeking many firms implementing flexible benefits and we are seeking an increase in purchasing additional holiday, gym membership and family healthcare.


3rd Party Pensions Administration DB/DC/CARE/HYBRID/AE/GPP

Trainer Administrator            £18k - £21k
1 – 3 Yrs Administrator  £21K - £25k
3+ Yrs Administrator     £25K - £30k
Team Leader £30K - £40k
Manager/Deliver or Operations    £55k -  £70k
Quality/Audit & Risk Managers  £60k -  £80k
GMP Reconciliation £25K - £30k
Admin. Consultant/CRM £45K - £60k

In-House Pension Team – pay dependent on scheme size/activity.

Trainer Administrator                        £18k - £21k
1 – 3 Yrs Administrator  £21K - £26k
3+ Yrs Administrator     £25K - £32k
Assistant Manager  £35k -  £50k
In-House Manager £55k -  £80k
In-House Director £80K - £150k


Secretary to Trustees                 £35k -  £55k
Independent Trustee £60K - £85k
Independent Trustee Director   £90K - £150k

Pension Consultant (PMI/ACII – Trustee or Retail)

Associate Consultant                             £35k -  £45k
Consultant  £45k -  £60k
Senior Consultant £65K - £75k
Head or Division £85K - £140k

Business Development

Incentivise your BDMs by paying comm/bonus quarterly & reward both team & individual performance.

Bid/Tender Analysts           £50k - £65k
Business Development Consultant £45K - £70k OTE £75 - £120
Senior BDM £25K - £30k OTE £120k £220k

Pension Actuarial & Investment & Legal

PQ Actuary (1 – 3 Yrs)                         £28k - £36k
NQ Actuary £48K - £60k
Scheme Actuary (3+ Yrs) £70K - £110k
Associate Pension Lawyer £45K - £55k
Pensions Lawyer   £60k -  £90k

Pension Communications

Assistant Consultants                    £28k - £45k
Client Managers  £40K - £65k
Communication Managers     £60K - £80k

Group Risk & Healthcare

If someone has either or both disciplines the salary levels are similar

Administrator                         £20K - £25k
5 + Years Administrator    £25k -  £35k
Associate Cons   £30k -  £40k
Consultant    £40K - £55k
Senior Consulting Manager  £70K - £80k

Flexible Benefits

Administrator                                    £20k - £28k
Associate Consultant £30K - £40k
Consultant  £40K - £55k
Senior Consultant £70K - £80k

Executive Benefits

SIPP/SSAS Admin (1 – 3 Yrs)                        £20k - £25k
SIPP/SSAS Admin (5+ yrs) £26K - £32k
Team Leader £28K - £35k
Client Manager £45K - £55k
BDM   £35k -  £50k OTE £80k - £130k
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