Taking on a new employee is a big decision.  Firstly there are the costs which may involve a new computer, desk, phone, employment contract & legal costs, company car, laptop & mobile, benefits package and a recruitment fee, and that’s in addition to ensuring that the new person does not rock the boat for your existing team. Commercially you have to get it right and BranWell Ford can help.  Here is a step by step guide to what will happen when you register a job.

How to register a job

Call BranWell Ford to register your job – 01279 859000. Email recruit@branwellford.co.uk and attach a job description, otherwise you can use the form from the link on the mobile site home page.

What will happen?

We will want to discuss the job, departmental structure and work environment with you.  This helps us understand your requirements in more detail i.e. the skills, qualifications, pensions team structure, scheme design DB/DC/GPP/AE, frequency of meetings, IT system used, external parties, level of experience, reporting structure, location, benefits including pay, holiday, pension, life assurance, private health care, parking, flexible working hours etc.  We will also want to know your reason for the vacancy and understand more about the office environment and get a feel for the people fit.

We do like to meet our clients as it significantly improves our ability to present your job to candidates and fill the vacancy quickly.  If you would like a coffee and a chat we will always put time aside.

The recruitment process

The vacancy is uploaded onto our database called Profile and we conduct an automated search of our active candidates (nearly 3,000) and shortlist suitable individuals.  We also search through our network of industry contacts, dormant candidates and social medial applications because our Consultants hold Premium LinkedIn accounts due to our investment in BWF social media platform.

We approach our shortlisted candidates and discuss the role, company and benefits in detail.  Occasionally there is a degree of sensitivity about a high profile vacancy and in such cases we retain our client confidentiality by keeping the details anonymous until the interview stage.


  • CV’s are updated and sent to you.
  • We will discuss your views on volume, i.e. 3 CVs or a larger selection.
  • BWF CV’s include salary, notice period, reason for leaving, PMI/CII qualifications & location. 
  • We conduct a thorough interview of our candidates and this is disclosed on the CV, including if we have met the candidate, conducted a Skype interview or a competency based telephone interview.

CV feedback is crucial, if we get it wrong please tell us, so that we can adjust our search.

Interviews are arranged and confirmations issued to both parties.  We ensure the candidate has a copy of the job description, details of whom they are meeting, parking or transport links and the time of the meeting.

We ask the candidates to call us after the interview so that we can obtain their feedback and we will call you to discuss your thoughts.

At offer stage we are instrumental in helping both parties reach agreement on the offer of employment.  Our Consultants have a wealth of experience in this crucial stage of the negotiations and our structured approach ensures we get this right first time.  We need a lot of information from you regarding the benefits package, career opportunity and why the individual stands out, so that we can present the offer professionally and ensure the candidate is satisfied to accept.

We then support the candidate to resign and keep you informed at all times.  If a notice period is long, we will suggest ways you can keep in touch and therefore keep your prospect employee engaged.

We offer an aftercare service because 16% of people leave a new job within the first few months.  Maybe they are unable to settle into the new work environment or are being enticed back by the previous employer.  Our Consultants will have built up an honest relationship with the candidate and we can let you know if there are issues you should be aware of.

Advertising your job

Once we register a job we draft an anonymous advert to appear on our website and on specialist pension and EB jobs boards that we use.  This will help to attract industry professionals to apply.  You will have the opportunity to consider adverts in the industry press with your company logo and also expand the coverage of your vacancy through social media channels that we use.  Our experienced Consultants will discuss this with you when you register the position.  Hyperlink to Advert page.

Why use BranWell Ford

We have access to over 7,000 candidates on our database which has grown organically through networking and recommendations.  We work with pension administrators, team leaders, managers, in-house pension managers APMI/FPMI, Scheme Actuaries, Investment Analyst and Advisors, Wealth Advisors, Independent Trustees, Communications staff as well as individuals who work in group projection insurance and executive benefits. 

Our customers experience a quality service which is confidential and professional.  CV’s are only issued with candidates consent and this guarantee is never compromised.

We build long term relationships, attending client meetings, industry exhibitions and seminars we like to be visible.  This gives us the confidence to know our customer and identify the right people for your jobs.

Our Consultants have chosen a career in pension recruitment which demonstrates a passion for the profession.  The REC oversees the recruitment industry and we hold corporate and individual memberships.  Every Consultant is REC qualified and encouraged and supported through continuous training and development.  You will benefit from working with Consultants who have excellent knowledge of the pensions industry and are able to provide you with fresh solutions to your recruitment problems.

Our Fee

We do not charge our clients up front for our recruitment service, we advertise vacancies free of charge and you only pay us when we have successfully recruited into your company and you are invoiced on the day the person commences employment.

Arrange a meeting

Based in Hertfordshire with superb transport links, BranWell Ford recruit for all UK locations and our Consultants are happy to visit you to discuss your requirements in detail, or conduct a Skype meeting.  Call us on 01279 859000.