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"I cannot ask for a more professional outfit than BranwellFord. From the beginning of the process to a successful conclusion, the team at BWF kept me fully updated and informed and if required, chased to a conclusion.

They do not look to place people into roles that are outside of a person's skillsets and they know the regional marketplaces like they work in them - a refreshing change.

I have no hesitation in using Pip and her team at BWF for my own needs but also the needs of the business where I am working at present.

The team at BWF are 1st class."

Administration Manager - Global Consultancy

What is the best recruitment solution for you?

Recruitment can be expensive, but we are confident that we can assist you.  We have access to over 7,000 pension and EB candidates who have registered with BranWell Ford and nearly 3,000 of them are actively seeking a new job. 

You need to consider the best way to fill your vacancy.  Do you want a similar replacement?  Do you want to increase the level of responsibilities or maybe restructure the team, promote from within and replace at a more junior level?


If someone is leaving or retiring, you need to speak to us as soon as possible so we can start to source candidates for you.  Industry notice periods can be between 1 – 6 months depending upon seniority and longevity of service.  A New Business Consultants, Scheme Actuary, Senior Consultant or Pensions Manager will require a lengthy recruitment process and are in high demand.

No up-front fees

You only pay us when we have found you your employee and invoices are issued on the date employment commences.

Fixed Term Contractors

At a senior level you may need to keep an open mind.  It can take time to find the right employee, especially if you are seeking a Pensions Manager and we would recommend that you consider employing a fixed term contractor to give the Trustees and company some reassurance to the continuity of work and managing the team,  whilst you undertake the recruitment process.

Most of our contractors will be happy to work as an employee, where they are paid by your company and on your payroll, however we also have contractors who are self employed and manage their own tax affairs. 

No up-front fees

You only pay us when we have found you your employee and invoices are issued on the date employment commences.  The fee will be pro-rata for the length of the contract.

Temporary recruitment for Pension Administrators

If you have an increase in workload or need cover in the pension’s administration department due to sickness/maternity, we can provide you with a temporary worker.  Our temp process is seamless and very quick.  You provide us with your company details so that we can undertake an immediate credit check, we arrange an interview if you prefer and then we will liaise directly with the candidate to obtain their weekly authorised timesheets and arrange their pay.

We work with our payroll partners Simplicity who will pay the candidate directly and manage their tax affairs on behalf of BranWell Ford and Simplicity will invoice you weekly for the payroll services.

No up-front fees

Our fee margin is added to the weekly invoice for the payroll services.

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